Patient enrollment information

The enrollment form walks you through how to navigate a NUCALA prescription. It starts with your patient’s insurance coverage and the prior authorization process. Visit Gateway to NUCALA.

Download NUCALA Patient Enrollment Form (English)

Download NUCALA Patient Enrollment Form (Spanish)

Have questions? Call Gateway to NUCALA at 844-4-NUCALA (844-468-2252) Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 8 PM ET.

Alternative site of care

If your patient's place of administration differs from the prescribing office:

Consult your patient’s insurance or contact Gateway to NUCALA to identify an appropriate site of care (infusion center). Work with the site of care to determine responsibility for benefits investigation and prior authorization.

Prior authorization (PA)

  • CoverMyMeds offers electronic PA forms for NUCALA and is free to use. Call 1-866-452-5017 or visit
  • Determine any PA requirements. Gateway to NUCALA can provide PA support for enrolled patients. Gateway to NUCALA cannot complete PA forms or submit related information to plans
  • Make sure you have the necessary forms from the patient’s plan
  • Follow up with the patient’s plan to determine PA submission status if requested

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Appeals support

  • If PA is denied, and you feel that NUCALA is appropriate for your patient, you can consider an appeal
  • Gateway to NUCALA can help you and your patient understand the appeals process
  • See below for sample letters of appeal and medical necessity 

Sample Letter of Appeal

Sample Letter of Medical Necessity

Request a rep

Additional questions?

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Patient enrolling for MyNUCALA to support his treatment journey

MyNUCALA supports patients on their treatment journey

MyNUCALA offers many resources to patients, including:

  • Savings & access options for eligible patients
  • Nurse support 1-on-1
  • Text reminders