Access and support services for your patients on NUCALA

The following information will guide you through the steps in helping appropriate patients access NUCALA. Additional resources and links can also be found below.

1. Verify patient benefits

Gateway to NUCALA can help you understand the insurance process for covering NUCALA. You may also contact the specialty pharmacy, or patient’s payer directly.




Initiate a benefits investigation

Verify benefits by working with Gateway to NUCALA or contacting the payer directly. Benefits investigations do not guarantee coverage. If your patient is not enrolled in Gateway to NUCALA, please complete the enrollment form above.

If the patient will receive treatment at an alternative site of care (ASOC):


Consult the patient’s insurance or contact Gateway to NUCALA to identify an appropriate ASOC. Work with the ASOC to determine responsibility for benefits investigation and prior authorization.


Prior authorization (PA)

  • Determine any PA requirements. Gateway to NUCALA can provide PA support for enrolled patients. Gateway to NUCALA cannot complete PA forms or submit related information to plans
  • Obtain needed forms from the patient’s plan
  • Follow up with the patient’s plan to determine PA submission status if requested

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Appeals support

  • If PA is denied, and you feel that NUCALA is appropriate for your patient, you can consider an appeal

  • Gateway to NUCALA can help you and your patient understand the appeals process
  • See below for sample letters of appeal and medical necessity 

2. Patient access support

The following assistance programs may be available for your patients:

  • Gateway to NUCALA will evaluate the patient's eligibility for GSK's sponsored assistance programs. Call 844-4-NUCALA (844-468-2252) Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 8 PM ET
  • The NUCALA Copay Program helps eligible commercially insured patients with their eligible out-of-pocket costs for NUCALA. Eligibility for the NUCALA Copay Program must be determined by the GSK Copay Program. Eligibility restrictions and program maximums apply. See full terms and conditions
  • Bridge to NUCALA Program offers free product to eligible commercially insured patients when their initial prior authorization process exceeds 5 days
  • The NUCALA Patient Assistance Program may help your uninsured patients who meet eligibility criteria obtain access to NUCALA free of charge

3. Arrange for patients to receive NUCALA

NUCALA is available through a variety of distribution options based on the site of care. Gateway to NUCALA can help identify the options that may be available for your patient.

At-home administration

  • Send the prescription to an in-network specialty pharmacy
  • Inform patient to expect a call from the specialty pharmacy to approve shipment and provide copay

View at-home administration

In-office administration

Specialty pharmacy

  • Order NUCALA from an in-network specialty pharmacy
  • Inform patient to expect a call from the specialty pharmacy to approve shipment and provide copay
  • Verify the correct shipping address and shipping date with the specialty pharmacy, and follow up as needed

Buy and bill

  • Order NUCALA from specialty distributor once prior authorization is approved

Alternative site of care

  • Confirm appointment for administration has been scheduled at alternative site of care

Find specialty pharmacies and distributors currently participating in the distribution network for NUCALA.


View in-office administration

4. Billing and reimbursement

Gateway to NUCALA can help provide information about relevant codes and identify coding requirements for NUCALA.

Permanent J-code for NUCALA



Your practice or hospital outpatient department may need this information for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) claims forms 1500 and 1450. Details and examples of each are provided below.

5. Help patients start successfully

After ordering NUCALA for patients, there are steps you can take to help ensure a successful start:

  • Instruct patients to accept and return calls to prevent delays in starting treatment. Specialty pharmacies may not mention NUCALA in messages, as brand names may be omitted to protect privacy
  • Encourage patients to take advantage of the MyNUCALA patient support program

Patient Support Program

MyNUCALA offers tools and services to help patients along their NUCALA journey including:

  • Autoinjector patient starter kit
  • Progress trackers
  • Doctor conversation starters
  • Nurse Support Line to help answer patient questions about NUCALA