Adverse reactions in patients with HES

In clinical trials in patients with severe asthma (100 mg of NUCALA), the most common adverse reactions (≥5%) were headache, injection site reaction, back pain, and fatigue.


In a 32-week clinical trial using 300 mg of NUCALA:

  • No additional adverse reactions were identified to those reported in severe asthma clinical trials
  • There were no instances of herpes zoster in patients receiving NUCALA1
  • No systemic allergic hypersensitivity reactions were reported
    • Other systemic reactions: 1 (2%) patient receiving NUCALA vs 0 patients receiving placebo. The reported manifestation was multifocal skin reaction and was experienced on the day of dosing
  • Injection site reactions (eg, burning, itching) occurred at a rate of 7% in patients receiving NUCALA compared with 4% in patients receiving placebo
  • One patient (2%) receiving NUCALA had detectable anti-mepolizumab antibodies; no neutralizing antibodies were detected in any patient